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WayneAmerica.com Student of the Week

WayneAmerica.com is proud to announce our Student of the Week for this week -- Quinten Brunken, a third-grader at Wayne Elementary.

Courtney is the son of Jamie Brunken and Shawna Brunken, and was nominated by his teacher, Emily Sims.

In her nomination, Sims said Quinten is a respectful student who is always trying to do what is right. He is a kind and friendly student who gives 100 percent effort in his work in school.

Quinten receives a gift certificate from the Wayne Dairy Queen, who is sponsoring the WayneAmerica.com Student of the Week award.

Teachers in the Wayne Community Schools system at St. Mary's are welcome to nominate students each week. A winner is chosen by the WayneAmerica.com staff from the entries received, and the winner will be recognized on WayneAmerica.com and receive a special treat from the Wayne Dairy Queen.

Congratulations to Quinten Brunken, our WayneAmerica.com Student of the Week.



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