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Providence Medical Center’s new chapel a real blessing for hospital

Father Jeff Mollner of St. Mary’s Catholic Church and Rev. Jeanne Madsen of Our Savior Lutheran Church offer a Blessing of Hands to Providence Medical Center staff members after the hospital’s new chapel was officially blessed Tuesday afternoon. (Photo by Michael Carnes)

The chapel at Providence Medical Center has a new home, which was blessed during a dedication ceremony at the hospital Tuesday afternoon.

Located near the back of the hospital on the north side of the building for many years, the hospital’s chapel has a new home just off the main entrance on the south side of the building, a move made possible as part of the ongoing two-year, $15 million renovation project that is in progress at Providence Medical Center.

The new chapel’s doors have actually been open for a couple of months, but Tuesday was the chance to give its official blessing in a ceremony attended by a number of local resident, Wayne-area faith leaders, and Providence Medical Center staff.

“We’ve had a lot more people use it now that it’s up near the front of the hospital, and that makes my heart happy,” said Jessica Feldman, hospital chaplain, who conducted the blessing ceremony with local church leaders.

Jessica Feldman, chaplain at Providence Medical Center, reads a Bible verse during a dedication ceremony of the hospital’s new chapel, part of a two-year, $15 million renovation of the 40-year old hospital in Wayne. (Photo by Michael Carnes)

The size of the new chapel is the same as the old one and brings a calming presence to the front of the hospital. In fact, a lot of what was in the old chapel is part of the new structure.

“All the furnishings are pretty much the same, but it’s in a different location and we wanted to keep the natural, peaceful, calming, serene decor in with the design,” Feldman said.

Several local ministers took part in the blessing ceremony, including Chaplain Deb Hammer and Rev. Jeanne Madsen of Our Savior Lutheran Church, Father Jeff Mollner of St. Mary’s Catholic Church, Rev. Kyle Nelson of First United Methodist Church, Rev. Troy Reynolds of Journey Christian Church and Chaplain Rosalind Woods of Providence Medical Center Hospice.

Feldman said the chaplain is open to people of all faiths, and she is hoping to offer some holiday services in the new chapel.

“We do offer a weekly devotional right now, and I hope to have some hymn sings and have various faith groups participate,” she said.

Feldman said the chapel is open to anyone who is going through a rough time and feels a need to communicate with the Lord.

“However they can find that peace and the help we need, the doors are open,” she said.

Feldman was overjoyed about the hospital’s new chapel.

“I feel over-blessed,” she said. “I’m really thankful and just feel very blessed to have this.”



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