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Hoskins follow through on challenge at assembly

Brad Hoskins appears to be helpless as he is duct-taped to the wall in the gym at Wayne Elementary, part of a challenge he and his wife made as a fundraiser for the Wayne Elementary Boosters. (Photo by Michael Carnes)

Sixth-grade teacher Joyce Hoskins is all smiles right before she gets two pies in the face from Reagan McGuire (left) and Jasara Calhoun during a school assembly at Wayne Elementary Friday afternoon. (Photo by Michael Carnes)

Some teachers will do just about anything to get their students to rise to the occasion.

Sixth-grade student Jasara Calhoun gives her teacher, Joyce Hoskins, a pie in the face during an assembly at Wayne Elementary School. (Photo by Michael Carnes)

Brad and Joyce Hoskins challenged the girls at Wayne Elementary School recently in an effort to raise money during the Holiday Daughter Dance for the Wayne Elementary Boosters. The kids came through and raised more than $200 as part of the “Hoskins Challenge” and Mrs. Hoskins — a sixth-grade teacher — and her husband — a PE teacher — held up their end of the bargain during a school assembly Friday afternoon.

First, Mr. Hoskins was taped to the east gym wall after more than 60 girls bought about 100 pieces of duct tape. Each girl took their turn in wrapping Mr. Hoskins to the wall and kept him in place until the end of the assembly.

After that, Mrs. Hoskins took her seat at a chair in the middle of the gym, where she took two cream pies to the face, courtesy of fourth-grader Reagan McGuire and sixth-grader Jasara Calhoun (one of Mrs. Hoskins’ students, who joked that she hoped her teacher didn’t take her pie in the face personally before popping her aluminum pan full of cream in her teacher’s face).

The event was witnessed by all the students in the school as a final send-off before the Christmas holiday break and provided a lot of laughs and squeals from the audience before they headed for the buses and the start of their two-week winter vacation.



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