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Broders hopes “new baby” fills a need in the community

Ransen and Josie Broders stand in the middle of The Beaumont, a new events center they are building on the north edge of Wayne. The couple is excited about the building’s progress and are hopeful to have everything ready to go just in time for the 2018 spring wedding season. (Photo by Michael Carnes)

It took Josie and Ransen Broders ninth months to bring their first baby into the world.

The second one is proving the be a little more of a challenge.

For Josie, the backaches from carrying her son have “moved north,” according to her husband, as they deal with the challenges of seeing construction of The Beaumont come to fruition in hopes for a spring 2018 grand opening this coming April.

“The backaches are now headaches,” Ransen Broders said during a recent walk-through of the new 15,000-square foot facility that is being built just north of the Wayne Country Club. “We’ve been pretty lucky with the people who are working on it for us and they’ve been very patient with us.”

Josie Broders thought the community needed a new event center after she and her husband had their wedding reception at the National Guard Armory several years ago.

“We thought back then that Wayne needed something like an event center,” she said.

After she participated in the Leadership Wayne class two years ago, she came home and talked with her husband about the idea.

“She had come home and asked what does Wayne need, and I said some place to hold concerts or events,” he said.

Josie said she hesitated doing anything with the idea because the golf course was considering a new building at the time, but eventually she felt that it was something she and her husband could make happen.

“My mom is a florist and wedding planner and designer and she’s been doing weddings for years, and I just felt like this was something we could do,” she said.

After purchasing 30 acres of land just north of the golf course, the Broders worked with local architect Jill Brodersen to come up with the design, and with the support of Elkhorn Valley Bank, the vision is starting to become a reality.

“When we first came up with the plan, it was originally going to be closer to town and facing a different direction, but once we got the land here and had this view to the east, we kind of changed it and it took about a year to get things going,” Josie Broders said. “Elkhorn Valley Bank has been really good to work with and they see the vision, which has been really nice.”

Working with Otte Construction as the general contractor and Kansas-based Fizer Precision Woodworks, along with good friend Eric Halsey, the shell of the building — built from a Sand Creek Post & Beam kit — went up quickly.

“It was supposed to take three months, and they got it up in four weeks,” Broders said. “They were even working on it in the middle of a hail storm.”

Most of the cement work in and around the building is finished, and they are hoping to get the building enclosed so that work can be done inside the structure to get it ready for a planned-for opening next April.

And there won’t be much time to waste — Broders said she already has 48 events booked between June of 2018 and September of 2019.

“Once we had the foundation down in August, we started taking deposits on bookings,” she said. “We’d had a lot of people who verbally pre-booked, and now all those verbals are committing.”
Once complete, The Beaumont is going to offer a lot of amenities that will be geared toward wedding receptions, but will also have much more.

A bridal room and a nearby children’s room will allow a place for kids to play while the parents party in the 6,500-square foot reception hall. There will be space for meeting rooms and two separate bars — one for the reception area and another that will serve a restaurant that is being built on the south side of the structure.

The restaurant will have an outdoor patio that offers an up-close view of at least four of the holes on the front nine at the Wayne Country Club.

“Having a golf course next door will be a great draw,” Ransen Broders said. “They’ll be great neighbors to have and we’ll have a great view of a bunch of holes.”

A patio being built on the east side will include a fire pit and outdoor games for kids of all ages, and could eventually be a place to watch concerts from an outdoor amphitheater that is part of the future vision for the facility.

“This property has some wonderful space that could be used for any number of things,” Josie Broders said. “We have space where people could have a wedding in the woods or take their wedding or engagement photos at. I’d like to maybe have some cabins out here or maybe use the space for some type of junk-stock event or a fall festival. And with the way the area to the east slopes down, we would like to do some type of amphitheater for outdoor concerts that would be far enough away from town but close enough that it’s not a drive for people.”

And while the Broders are booking wedding receptions, they see the facility’s use going beyond that.

“We have some concerts that are in the works that we hope to announce at some time, and we’re open to hosting about anything,” Josie Broders said.

“The doors on the east and north are big enough to drive through, so we could even have an indoor car show in the winter,” Ransen Broders added.

With all the wedding receptions being planned, Josie Broders said she hopes people come away with a good experience and a lot of memories from having their parties at the new facility.

“We want to treat people well when they’re here and feel like we took care of them, and that the place was well taken care of and we spent a lot of time thinking about those details,” she said.

It’s attending to those details that keeps Josie’s phone ringing (which it did a number of times during the interview) and keeps her busy answering e-mails and Facebook messages — and keeps her from getting a good night’s sleep sometimes.

“I think I slept more after I had my baby than I do now with this,” she said. “But I’m really happy that this is happening.”



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