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Bikers take advantage of PMC bike fair to tune up their wheels

Wayne area bike enthusiasts had a chance to tune up their two-wheeler at a free bike fair held Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot at Providence Medical Center. (Photo copyright Mikey C Productions)

With winter finally gone and spring in full swing, it’s a good time to bring the bikes out of storage and take them out for a spin.

Tuesday was a great day for local bikers to get their bikes tuned up and licensed, and a number of local kids and their families did just that with a free bike fair in the parking lot at Providence Medical Center.

Wayne Police Chief Mareln Chinn helps Nina Hammer adjust the handlebars on her bike during Tuesday’s bike fair at Providence Medical Center. (Photo copyright Mikey C Productions)

PMC has held bike fairs in the past, but one was not held last year. Wayne Police Chief Marlen Chinn said he contacted Kris Giese at PMC to see if there was interest in doing the fair this spring.

“The hospital had organized it the last few years, and for whatever reason it didn’t happen last year,” he said. “I thought that, with Sandy Brown organizing the Bike To School event that’s happening this week, (PMC) would be interested in doing it again.”

Molly Redden, a physical therapist at Providence Physical Therapy, was the lead organizer for the event and said it’s a great opportunity for kids to make sure their bikes are safe for riding this spring and summer.

“We wanted to provide a community service and help the kids get ready for good, safe biking,” she said. “They have started up the Bike To School event on Friday again (at Wayne Elementary) and we thought this would be a great time to start this up again.”

Molly Redden (left) and Amy Bowers help Logan Walling get his helmet adjusted while his mom, Jill, looks on. (Photo copyright Mikey C Productions)

Participants could register for prizes, including a new youth bike, during Tuesday’s event. Bikes were checked and minor maintenance – from greasing up chains to making sure the tires are properly inflated – was completed. There was also a station for purchasing a $3 bicycle license from the City of Wayne, and an obstacle course was set up for the young bikers to test their skills on.

“Marlen had actually come to us and asked about doing this, and he’s always been great when we’ve done this in the past to make sure he or one of his officers comes to help out.”

“It’s a great opportunity to make sure the bikes are ready so the kids can ride safe, and it’s a great time to talk to the kids as well,” Chinn added.



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